Sreten Kljaic

Sreten Kljaic

Advisor: Michael E. Papka

Mentor: Taylor Childers

Undergraduate: University of Illinois Chicago (Computer Science)

Graduate: University of Illinois Chicago (Computer Science)

Project: HPC Scaling and AI-integration studies with the Pepper Event Generator for the LHC

Pepper is a newly written Event Generator that can simulate the collisions at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). It achieves portability using Kokkos and scalability using MPI. This project will further develop and optimize Pepper with two goals in mind 1) native scaling performance on a massive multi-node scale using the Aurora and Polaris supercomputers at ALCF; and 2) integration with AI frameworks and how best to distribute and balance the workloads on a hybrid compute node architecture. This work will enable LHC experiments to achieve their simulation goals at an increased pace.