Fatima Rodriguez

Fatima Rodriguez

Advisor: Hector de la Torre Perez

Mentor: Walter Hopkins

Undergraduate: University of California Berkeley (Physics and Astrophysics)

Graduate: Northern Illinois University (Physics)

Project: HEP Analysis Workflow with RNTuple

RNTuple is the next generation of the TTree binary storage format. It is expected to reduce both the disk space usage of HEP data as well as increase the data throughput when compared to TTree, Parquet, and HDF5. The timeline for the adoption of RNTuple aligns with the start of the HL-LHC and is expected to replace the main storage format used in physics analyses, the TTree. The RNTuple format is currently still under development and thus there are still opportunities to improve the format. Specifically, improvements for the end-user experience, i.e., a physicist working on an analysis, can still be implemented before deployment. This project aims to document the user experience for the RNTuple format for physics analyses and to suggest changes (if any) to the format that will enhance the user experience.